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The IB2 is our entry level infinite baffle or open baffle series.  Featuring a 2 layer 2" copper coil and full length copper pole sleeve to reduce and linearize inductance for increased bandwidth and reduced distortion.  Rated at 250W mechanically at 20Hz the IB2 series has 22mm of Xmax.  Using a rigid fiber impregnated non-pressed curvilinear paper pulp cone and a specially formulated foam surround along with a kevlar spider for excellent linear mechanical control.  Triple stacked magnets for increased mechanical clearance. High QTS for increased bottom octave performance in IB/OB applications.  As with all One Audio subs, we machine the steel and assemble the subwoofers in house.  Incredible detail and sound quality from our entry level IB/OB Series.


  • Full copper pole sleeve
  • 2 layer 2" copper coil
  • 22mm Xmax
  • Single 1, 2, or 4 Ohm coils
  • 12" and 15" sizes
  • Cast basket
  • Rubber front gasket
  • Specially formulated foam surround
  • Curvilinear fiber reinforced paper cone
  • Light weight dustcap
  • Nomex spider
  • Opposed push terminals
  • Triple stack ferrite motor


FS 24.1Hz
RE 3.86Ω
QMS 5.08
QES .85
QTS .73
MMS 142.4g
VAS 104.3L
SD 490cm^2
LE .42mH
SPL 85.01dB
BL 9.85N/A


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