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 Our 8" entry level high efficiency midbass driver is designed to be used in doors or IB applications.  With 6mm of Xmax and over 93 dB @ 1W/1m of efficiency they are articulate and have excellent midbass kick.  With only 2.75" of mounting depth they are able to fit into a variety of ultra shallow applications such as doors or kick panels.  With a 60Hz recommend crossover point they will easily integrate the sub and front stage together.  XT60 connectors are included to help facilitate ease of installation.


The One Audio MB8.e brings ultra high end sound reproduction at a very affordable pricepoint proving that it does not take extra zeros at the end of the price to achieve world class SQ.


Priced per pair.


Re 2.99Ω
Le .052 mH
Xmax 6.2mm
Fs 70.2 Hz
Mms 18.010 g
Mmd (Sd) 13.973 g
Rms 1.583 kg/s
Cms 0.285 mm/N
Kms 3.51 N/mm
Bl 6.483 N/A
Qms 5.022
Qes 0.565
Qts 0.508
Vas 22.0293 l
n0 1.299%
Lm 93.34 dB
Sd 233.71 cm2


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