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Introducing our 28mm silk dome tweeter designed to deliver exceptional sound quality in any audio setup. With its impressive specs and advanced features, this tweeter is sure to elevate your listening experience to the next level.


At the heart of this tweeter is a powerful NdFeB magnet system, a single layer low-inductance voice coil that ensures high sensitivity and low distortion. The tweeter's frequency response is incredibly accurate, with a low resonant frequency (Fs) of 1218 Hz allowing for shallower crossover slopes and providing a smooth/natural sound signature. The 28mm silk dome design ensures a wide and even dispersion of sound, so you can enjoy your music from wider angle.


As with all of our "e" Series drivers, being designated "entry" level is anything but.  Our entry drivers are quickly becoming the new standard for what SQ on a budget should be.


Priced per pair.



Re 3.6322
Fs 1218 hz
Qes 2.4562
Qms 2.2090
Qts 1.1630
Le 0.2927 mH


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