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The One Audio RSq2 series of subwoofers is designed for sealed and ported SQ applications.  A full length copper inductance pole sleeve helps mitigate and linearize induction over the 15mm of Xmax yielding increased bandwidth and detail.  Using a rigid fiber impregnated non-pressed curvilinear paper pulp cone and a specially formulated foam surround along with a kevlar spider for excellent linear mechanical control. As with all One Audio subs, we machine the steel and assemble the subwoofers in house. The RSq2 motor utilizes two high grade ferrite magnets for its motor force and has 350W of RMS power handling. Incredible detail and sound quality from our entry level sealed/ported series.


Coil S4Ω
RE 3.4
QES .43
QMS 6.44
QTS .403
MMS 186.5
FS 25.1
VAS 74.3
LE .53

90.5 @ 2.83V

86.4 1W/1m

BL 15.23
SD 490cm2
XMAX 15mm


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