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The new One Audio IB3v3 Series subwoofer is a massive step forward over the previous models. With a complete redesign ever aspect of the subwoofer was tailored towards being as detailed and articulate as possible while still handling excellent power for increased bottom octave output. Great care was take with inductance mitigation and linearization utilizing three thick aluminum rings yielding excellent upper end response and amp friendly inductance levels. A new 3" 4 layer aluminum coil yields 36mm of Xmax while the larger 10" spiders increase overall mechanical linearity and excursion to 4" p-p. Kevlar stitched double opposed leads with oversized push terminals and our unique terminal blocks greatly reduce transmission losses to the coil. With multiple annular cooling vents on the back of the motor these help reduce air flow noise as well as aid in cooling the massive aluminum outer heatsink. The high excursion 6 spoke aluminum frame is ultra rigid and holds the in house machined custom FEA optimized motor structure. The new One Audio IB3v3 sets the new standard as to what a higher power sound quality infinte baffle subwoofer should be. From the subtle nuances of a stand up bass, to the bottom octave filling rattling scene in your favorite movie, the IB3 has you covered.


  • Single 2 Ohm and Single 4 Ohm
  • Cast 6 spoke high excursion frame
  • Wrap around gasket
  • Aluminum pole sleeve
  • Heavy outer aluminum ring
  • Upper pole aluminum cap
  • Kraft pulp fiber reinforced cone
  • Multilayer wide foam surround
  • Massive push terminals
  • Extra heavy lead wire
  • FEA optimized motor
  • 3” diameter coil
  • 36mm Xmax
  • 1125W at 20Hz linear limit
  • Single high grade magnet
  • Dual 10" progressive spiders
  • Annular motor venting design


COIL Single 4Ω
FS 25.2Hz
RE 3.9Ω
LE 1.59
QMS 5.34
QES 0.71
QTS 0.63
MMS 321g
CMS 1.234
SD 480cm^2
VAS 41.1L
SPL 82.1dB
BL 17.3 N/A


One Way

RMS 1125w@ 20Hz
OD 12.625"
ID 11.125"
DEPTH 9.125"


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