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The WB3.e is our entry level 3" wideband driver with a bandwidth 150Hz-20kHz and an efficiency of 90.1 dB 1W/1m.  Incredible efficiency and great off axis response and rising final octave make the WB3.e a natural choice for a tweeterless front stage.  With an ultra efficient NdFeB motor, resonant free cast aluminum basket, rubber surround and proprietary paper pulp cone/cap the WB3.e  assists in delivering unparalleled SQ from a budget friendly package.  A copper pole sleeve  linearize and reduce inductance for an increase in top octave performance. 


Included with XT60 connectors. 

Mounting rings and laser kit available.


Priced per pair.


RE 3.17Ω
Le 0.007mH
Fs 147.0
Mms 2.815g
Mmd (Sd) 2.641g
Rms 0.620kg/s
Cms 0.417mm/N
Kms 2.40N/mm
Bl 4.979
Qms 4.190
Qes 0.332
Qts 0.308
Vas 0.4869 l
n0 0.447%
Lnom 89.72dB
Xmax 4.1mm
Sd 28.74cm2
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