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The HT3 is our home theater/audio subwoofer.  With a massive 34mm of Xmax and 2000W of power handling it is simply a bottom octave monster.  Utilizing an aluminum pole sleeve for the ID of the coil, a thick aluminum heatsink on the OD of the coil, and a domed aluminum cap on the upper portion of the pole, all to help reduce and linearize inductance as well as aid in coil cooling.  With dual 10" spiders, a half roll layered foam surround, and fiber reinforced pressed cone keeping the excursion under control mechanically this durable series of subwoofers works in both ported and sealed applications.  The massive 6 spoke cast frame and wrap around gasket help support the dual magnet motor with the larger bumped and vented rear assembly.   As with all One Audio subs, we machine the steel and assemble the subwoofers in house. The new HT3 series provides detailed and immensely powerful bass for the most discerning of listeners.


  • 3 aluminum inductance linearizing implements
  • 34mm Xmax with over 100mm p-p mechanical ability
  • 3" aluminum coil
  • 10" nomex linear KMS spiders
  • 2000W power handling
  • 15" and 18" sizes
  • Single 2 and 4 Ohm coils
  • Double stack extended back motor
  • 8 awg opposed push terminals
  • Extra heavy double stitched lead wire
  • 6 spoke cast frame
  • Full wrap around rubber gasket
  • Gloss carbon fiber dustcap


FS 25.2Hz
RE 3.76Ω
QMS 4.55
QES .38
QTS .35
MMS 415g
SD 810cm^2
LE 1.88mH
SPL 88.0dB
BL 25.49N/A


One Way

OD 15.625"
ID 14.0625"
DEPTH 10.625"


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